Ask a librarian

Remote Access

To access the University databases, electronic journals and electronic books from home, you need a username and password.
Registration for Hebrew University's remote services is done via the University's RAP site, which is maintained by the Computer Authority.
You can register, change your password, recover a lost password, or update user details.
After registration you can connect to Hebrew University servers via Samba VPN service
Follow the instructions to install the "anyconnect" file on your computer. The proper connection is VPN Client.

Accessing Personal Files

The material saved in personal folder, can be accessed from home. Connect to MyFiles, enter the username and password used in campus.

Remote Access to Faculty Computers

You can connect to campus computers from home and work as if you are here. This way you can use software without installing on your home computer.
For more information, click here.

Wireless Connection to Internet

The library offers laptop connection to the Internet. See explanation
You can connect as a guest, or as a Hebrew University student.
For the second option, the username and password for remote access (Samba) are required.
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