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Apple is the vernacular name commonly applied to the deciduous trees of the species Malus domesticus, as well as to their fruit. The apple, which is of south Caucasian provenance, is nowadays grown throughout the world, but mostly in temperate regions.

There are about 5,000 apple cultivars, which had originated in various geographical regons and thus have somewhat different climatic requirements. All, however, need some winter chilling, at or below 7ÂșC for 800-1,600 hours and are sensitive to high soil temperatures and cold or dry winds. Apple trees blossom in the spring, but the growth of the fruit differs between varieties, from about 90 days in Anna to 150 in Golden Delicious. The fruit (a pome with a pith containing several small seeds) may be green, yellow or red, and combinations thereof.

The total annual world yield of apples is around 57.000.000 tons, with the former USSR, China and the US being the main producers (approximately half of total production). In Israel the main cultivar groups are Golden and Starking, which together make up about half of the apples grown on about 3,600 hectares. They are grown mostly in the northern part of the country, providing a total annual yield of ca 100,000 tons.

Major apple pests in the Middle East

Aculus schlechtendali

Amphitetranychus viennensis

Aphis pomi

Carpocapsa pomonella

Cenopalpus pulcher

Ceratitis capitata

Didesmococcus unifasciatus

Dysaphis plantaginea

Edwardsiana rosae

Eotetranychus uncatus

Eriosoma lanigerum

Lyonetia clerkella

Monosteira unicostata

Panonychus ulmi

Parlatoria oleae

Quadraspidiotus perniciosus

Tetranychus urticae

Zeuzera pyrina


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