Anagyrus indicus

Anagyrus indicus Subba Rao

(Formerly known as Anagyrus agraensis Shafee, Alam & Agarwal).

Distribution: South-East Asia, Saudi Arabia, Middle East.

Morphology: Female 1.0-1.5 mm in length, body mostly yellow to dark-yellow, forewings hyaline, with only a single anterior (costal) vein.

Hosts: Various Pseudococcidae, including Ferrisia virgata and Nipaecoccus viridis.

Life history: The parasitoid prefers adult host females, and then 3rd-instar nymphs. Younger N. viridis are rarely attacked.

Economic Importance: A major, efficient natural enemy of N. viridis in East Asia, where it may almost totally control the pest. Anagyrus indicus was successfully introduced into Jordan where, it became established and greatly reduced the populations of N. viridis. The controlling effect of A. indicus can be seriously disrupted by the presence of ants.


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