Taxonomic placing: Holometabola, Coleoptera.

Geographical distribution: Widely distributed in many tropical and subtropical regions around the world. About 150 species have been described in this family, most in the genus Cybocephalus Erichson.

Morphology: The adults are are small (1-2 mm in length), body shily, convex and rounded, with a large head reflexed downwards and concealed by the pronotum. Their identification is based mainly on the shape of the male genitalia, front legs and antennae.

Biology: Generation time, progeny production (>300/female) and adult longevity are best at 28°C. In the Middle East adults occur the year round. They may undergo a facultative diapause during autumn and winter, induced mainly by short-day conditions; its termination is affected by long-day conditions and by rising temperatures 29-34°C). Both larvae and adults (which are predators, mostly on scale insects) require relatively small amounts of prey in order to complete their development.

Economic importance: These beetles include natural enemies of certain scale insects (Coccoidea), especially Diaspididae) which are major pests of commercial crops.


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