Aleuroclava jasmini

Aleuroclava jasmini (Takahashi)

Taxonomic placing: Insecta Hemimetabola, Hemiptera, Aleyrodidae.

Common name: Jasmine whitefly.

Geographical distribution: North and South America, Croatia, Ghana, Asia, Guam, Middle East.

Host plants: Polyphagous, recorded from about 20 plant species.

Morphology: Puparium flattened, with marginal crenulations, length about 0.9 mm or less, pale to black and variously patterned and the operculum entirely covers the orifice.

Life cycle: The insect preferred mandarin trees over orange, lemon and bergamot trees for feeding, egg laying and development of the immature stages.

Economic importance: A minor pest of citrus and some ornamentals, sometimes reducing gross production. Infested citrus leaves may yellow and drop, and the excreted honeydew is colonized by sootymold fungi.


Chemical control: The chloroform-like pesticide chlorofert killed most of the pest’s population in laboratory studies. Insect growth regulators (IGRs) were successfully used in the field in Egypt.

Biological control: Several species of the genus Encarsia (Aphelinidae) were reared from A. jasmini in different parts of the world. The predator Clitostethus arcuatus Rossi (Coccinellidae) controls the pest in Syria. Entopathogenic fungi were assayed against the jasmine whitefly in Iraq.


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