Cisaberoptus kenyae

Cisaberoptus kenyae Keifer

Common name: Leaf coating mite.

Taxonomic placing: Acari, Prostigmata, Eriophyidea Eriophyidae.

Geographical distribution: Most tropical and subtropical regions where its host plant, Mango is grown.

Morphology: Homeomorphic and Heteromorphic [or deutogyne females occur together,

the latter distinguished by having a sapatulate

gnathosoma. Body of both forms yellow,

about 0.19-0.21 mm long, featherclaws

elongate, with 17 or more rays. Prodorsal

shield broad and unmarked, with a pair of

posterior lobes. Hysteronotum

covered with microtubercles.

Host plants: Mango cultivars.

Life history: The mite raises about 15 annual generations on various mango cultivars. It occurs on the leaves’ upper side, along and around the main vein, producing thick webbed mats, under which the mites live and feed. Most of the population consists of deutogynes.

Economic importance: The webbed coatings cause leaf decline, changes in their mineral contents, reductions in the photosynthetic efficiency and primary metabolite production. Heavily webbed leaves may yellow and drop. Mango cultivars differ in their susceptibility to the pest.


Sampling: Samples of 2 mm2/leaf were suitable for estimating the size of the mite population.on 25 leaves taken from different parts and sides of the trees. In summer samples were taken every other week.

Biological control: Various phytoseiid predators of this mite have been recorded, but none are known to control the pest.


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