Kilifia acuminata

Kilifia acuminata (Signoret)

(Formerly known as Lecanium acuminatum Signoret)

Common name Mango shield scale, acuminate scale.

Taxonomic placing: Insecta, Hemimetabola, Hemiptera, Sternorrhyncha, Coccomorpha, Coccoidea Coccidae.

Distribution: In most warm regions of the world.

Morphology: Body broadly oval, pear-like, pale green or yellow green; without an obvious wax covering nor an ovisac, about 2-3 mm in length. Devoid of tubular ducts. The two posterior pairs of legs much larger than the front pair. Marginal setae conspicuously fringed, anal plates longer than wide.

Host plants: Polyphagous, infesting leaves of fruit trees like citrus, guava, mango and pear as well as various ornamentals.

Life history: On mango this parthenogenetic pest raised two annual generations, producing up to 420 eggs/female in autumn, about 370/female in spring. It usually occurs on the lower sides of host leaves.

Economic importance: An important pest of mango in Egypt.


Chemical control: Organophosphates, biodux and oils provided good control.

Biological control: The parasitoids Metaphycus , Encyrtidae, Coccophagus (Aphelinidae) and Scutellista caerulea (formerly known as Scutellista cyanea Motschulsky) (Pteromalidae) are major natural enemies of K. acuminata.


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