Pityogenes calcaratus

Pityogenes calcaratus Eichhoff

Systematic position: Insecta, Holometabola, Coleoptera, Scolytidae.

Common name: Bark beetle.

Geographic distribution: The Mediterranean region.

Morphology: Body 1.8-2.5 mm long, pale-brown, dorsum punctuated, covers head. The elytra bear several pairs of caudal protuberances, the anterior pair largest and sclerotic. Larva white with a brown head.

Host plants: Several pine species (Pinus spp.).

Life history; Pityogenes calcaratus infests pines, gnawing within the bark and depositing its eggs in small chambers. The larvae tunnel, feed and pupate there. The pest raises several annual generations.

Economic importance: Pityogenes calcaratus is an important pest of pines, causing much tree mortality during autumn and winter, especially in thinned stands.


Monitoring: The flight of the beetle can be monitored by using funnel traps with the aggregation pheromone Pheroprax.

Mass trapping: Large numbers of the pest were trapped with the aggregation pheromone Pheroprax.

Biological control: Several species of the parasitoid genusDendrosoter Braconidae attack P. calcaratu in Israel. A microsporidian infects the pest in the Middle East.


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